Research Interests

Design of self-organized network architectures for future large-scale networks

Information networks will be more and more important for safe, secure and healthy life in future society. For supporting people’s lives, the scale and complexity of information networks will be increasing. However, the existing networks, such as the Internet, are not capable of meeting that massive scale and complexity. Self-organized control has attracted lots of attention for their capability of dealing with the massive scale and the complexity. My research interests include control methods and design methods for self-organizing networks. Followings are current topics of my research.

  1. Self-organized communication in wireless sensor networks
  2. Managing self-organized networks
  3. Network design inspired by human-brain networks
  4. Acoustic source localization for modelling swarm intelligence of Japanese tree frog
  5. Thermodynamics of information networks
  6. QoE improvement using a human perceptual mechanism